For discipleship of Children, Youth, and Young Adults at Highland Church, see their respective pages on our website.
Looking to be a bit more intentional about following Jesus? Consider attending the next Highland Cadre, starting the week of Nov 11-17. More info is coming soon! Cadre: a noun referring to a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession. Cadres are formally complete at the end of each ministry year, and—more specifically—at the end of each area of study (our first Cadre was a 4-week study). These midweek gatherings include potluck supper, in order to begin at a time that allows young families to participate; in other words, Cadres are open to the presence of children (if necessary). Geared towards all those not in NextGen ministry, any adult seeking to have their lives be defined by discipleship to Jesus (that is; not perfect, but intentional), can join and participate in a Cadre. Contact: Pastor Scott K.